Look around at nearly all the advertising being done based on the plea: "Buy my brand", "Come to my web site", "Give me the money that you give to others". Typically this falls in the category of boasting and bragging advertising. Frankly, most customers don't care about you or your company - they care about the benefits they'll get from dealing with you.

Sadly the message that most business people like to project is not the message that any customers would actually give a stuff about.

Educating a prospect about how your solutions can solve a problem or how things are done in your business, even if it's exactly the same as any one of your competitors, will produce a tremendous selling advantage. If you're already advertising take a look at your latest advert and ask yourself - does it really shout out the ONE thing you should be telling your customers... "What's in it for me?"

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» Is your business getting lost in the cloud?

Gone are the days when you could count your competitors. Now the lines have blurred - there are literally millions of web sites, newsletters, banners and e-mails that are competing for your customers' attention. So how do you stand out from the crowd? And how do you bend this new media to your advantage. Thankfully the answer lies in what you probably already know - you just need to get your head out of the "cloud" to see it.

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