Sales collateral

Brochures have held an important place in marketing plans for longer than most of us can remember. There is no doubt that they have the ability to generate sales and increase revenues. Why then do so many of them fail?

Where most fall down is in not telling a story - or at least a story that customers want to hear! On the whole that means NOT talking about how successful or innovative your product or business is (no matter how proud you are of it), but instead answering one fundamental question - "What's in it for me?" ie. explaining exactly what your customers will get out of spending their hard earned cash on your company's products or services.

And that boils down to one simple formula - putting the right words in the right order for the right person. In plain English. And that's where we come in.

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» Give bad presentations the bullet

The only thing that's more memorable than a good presentation is... a bad one! Get it right and the results can be pretty impressive: a new sale, a new client, a happy team and impressed investors. On the flip side, get it wrong and you're facing lost clients, unhappy and confused staff, wary investors…

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