Direct marketing

Even in this digital age of email and the Internet, everyone still has a real mailbox. However, the majority of businesses still do not use direct marketing as effectively as they can - which is why most think "junk mail" doesn't work. But pound for pound nothing provides a better return on investment than direct mail - and it doesn't matter what product or service you sell.

Most people make the mistake of thinking direct mail has to be "flashy" - which is usually just a huge waste of money.

But a carefully crafted direct marketing piece is actually the most powerful employee you could ever hire. For the price of a stamp it will relentlessly go out and deliver your message perfectly, every time. It will never call in sick. It will never complain. And it will never quit on you. Simply put, a powerful direct mailer, postcard or sales letter is like having a little automatic, money-making robot working for you, tirelessly... day and night.

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Your company's sales collateral is probably one of the most important parts of your marketing communication toolkit. But if you read it out loud would it really pass the "so what..." test ? To maximise profits your brochures must be both informative and persuasive. And the copy must guide your prospective customers toward a clear and urgent course of action.

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