Presentation materials

Think about it. How often have you felt bored, even a bit sleepy, listening to a speech or watching a slide presentation? And did they make you... well, they probably didn't make you do anything as you will have switched off after about slide 3.

The truth is that many presentations are simply not inspiring. And no amount of clipart, cartoons, bullet points, weird 3-D charts, strange slide layouts and colours can make a dull presentation interesting for long.

But you'll almost certainly remember at least one presentation that made you think "wow" - that kept you engaged right until... the... very... last... word. The most effective slide presentations are the ones that achieve a harmonious balance between what you want to say and what your audience want to know. And that takes time and effort - to craft a story that informs as much as it inspires people to take action.

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Keeping your prospects, customers and partners informed about your latest news and achievements can build loyalty and increase sales. But many great products or services can easily get lost within dull pages of inconsequential waffle. Relevance and consistency are key if you want to keep people informed - and excited - about what you are doing.

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